NUNKI is a Swedish company that develops, designs and manufactures products and solutions for storage, order, organization and protection of Home Electronics and accessories. Our first products are Headphone Stands (table stands), wall-mounted Headphone Holders & Headphone Hangers, and Remote Control Stands.

Headphone Stands, Headphone Holders & Headphone Hangers and Remote Stands

By using NUNKI Headphone Stands and wall-monted Headphone Holders & Headphone Hangers, you get a natural place and storage for your headphones and headsets, and you can more easily keep track of these. In addition, the problem with tangled cables tangles decreases. Our headphone stands and headphone holders & headphone hangers fit the most types of headphones and headsets on the market. Besides perfect functionality, the NUNKI Headphone Stands and wall-mounted Headphone Holders & Headphone Hangers are stylish and exclusive as well, and fits perfectly on / by the desk, the TV bench, the bookcase, the wall in the bedroom, etc.

With help of the NUNKI Remote Stands you can easier keep track and order of your remote controls. Many people probably recognize that the remotes often are a bit all over in the living room at home and lack a natural and stylish storage. The remote controls can be in a mess on the living room table, on the sofa, in the bookcase, on the TV bench, etc. By using our Remote Stands, you can more keep track of your remote controls in the living room and in other rooms. The NUNKI Remote Stands fit most of the remote controls on the market and are ideal for the living room table, TV bench etc. In addition to an excellent and smart remote control storing, these Remote Stands also are very elegant, stylish, neat and tasteful Home Decor Items.

Where can you buy NUNKI Products?

You can either buy our products through our Resellers or in the NUNKI Webshop.
We look forward to be a natural and appreciated part of your home and room.

Our aim and our vision

Our aim is to provide high-quality products, with excellent functionality, and with appealing and inspiring design. Just like our slogan – “Inspiring and functional design for your important Home Electronics.
NUNKI constantly aim for and strive for to think new and develop new products and concepts in the zone between Home Electronics and Interior Decoration. Our aim and our vision is to store and organize the present and the future Home Electronics and technology gadgets in a stylish, functional, smart and inspiring way.